Before and after camp care

Licensed by the State of Michigan


Our Before and After Camp is available at the Camp Mirage Big Kid 5 Mile location and the Camp Mirage Junior N. Territorial location. The after-camp program is available to you EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE SUMMER. Once you join our family and register for at least one week of morning camp, go ahead and consider us your personal nanny. This is how it works…

Use as little or as much after camp as you want. We are open every day from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Pick your kiddo up any time before 5:30, and we’ll charge you for how much time you use. Simple, right?

Now here’s the BIG NEWS… Kids bored or in need of a babysitter? If your child is not registered for a camp that day, use us as a drop-off service—no need to call ahead. Just drop the kids off any time after 12:30 and pick them up before 5:30 pm. **Note... you must be a registered Camp Mirage family to use this service.

Pre & after-camp is $9.00/hour per child (member cost is $8.00/hr). We bill every quarter-hour, and you will only be charged for the time used at the end of each week.



For busy families, we offer pre-camp supervision beginning at 7:30 am each day. Enjoy the view from the top of the human fly trap, some early morning gaga, 4-square & more.



Choices, choices, choices! After 23 years of success with our after-camp program, we’re thrilled to offer campers more options than ever! Most kids stay with us after their 9 am-noon camp.

human fly trap

And it begins...

We start with lunch at noon. Pack your own or order one of our daily specials. After lunch, we have a quick bonfire roundup and explain the day’s activities.

Every day we offer five stations that are rotated every half-hour. Stations have different activities every day! Campers choose a buddy and rotate by choice. In addition to the five stations, campers can also choose activities like gaga, gaming stations, and 4-square. If your child is attending after-camp alone, don’t worry because most kids are! We’ll fix them up with a new friend for the afternoon.

Daily Stations

Station #1 | Sports
Basketball, soccer, street hockey, kickball, baseball

Station #2 | The Main Event
Nerf, Pokemon tournament, color wars, make your ice cream, Lego tournament.

Station #3 | Wet & Wild
Slip-n-slide, water balloon launch, and much more

Station #4 | Creation Station
One structured art project daily and then open art studio including painting, lanyards, and more!

Station #5 | The Faves
Pickleball, gaga, kickball, dodgeball