Summer Day Camp


The following camps are sold by the week. Purchase one week, a few weeks or piece together the entire summer. All camps are from 9AM – Noon. Looking for all day care? Add on our pre-camp and after-camp program at an hourly rate.

These specific camps are for children entering 2nd grade through 8th grade in the Fall. Looking for something for younger kids? Check out our Junior Summer Day Camps.

Campers will be grouped by age.


We start each morning with a bonfire. Songs, stunts, stretches and silliness wakes everyone up! Then we divide into individual camps…40 options this year!

All camps are divided by age and carry a very low camper to counselor ratio so everyone gets that personal attention. Trips to our awesome canteen, GAGA tournaments, water slide and mud pit activities pepper our days. On Friday’s we have a huge BBQ to celebrate the week’s end.

This is the stuff that memories are made of!



*This is an all-day camp and runs 9am - 4pm. Lunch is included. Calling all animal lovers! There is always a waiting list for this favorite! In this field trip camp, we’ll explore an Alpaca Farm and learn how these unique animals are more loving and loyal than dogs. We’ll travel to a Buffalo Ranch for a day of horseback riding on trails and learn to feed and care for buffalo. We’ll escape to Lansing’s awesome Potter Park Zoo for camel rides. We’ll hit the Detroit Zoo for a massive scavenger hunt. On Friday, we’ll check out the new aquarium and Rain Forest Café at Great Lakes Crossing. What a week!

Offered 9am-4pm weeks of 6-18, 7-23



Calling all rookies! In this introductory camp, we’ll teach all the fundamentals of hitting, base running, catching and pitching. Expect lots of fun drills and games daily. We’ll round out the week with our famous Home Run Derby that will have the whole camp cheering! This is the foundation needed for all baseball lovers!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 8 -6



What’s better than a relaxing week at the beach? How about a week at Camp Mirage, bonding with friends, while creating the coolest summer art projects? We’re talking a mermaid monogram canvas, soap popsicles, a sea glass bowl and more. And, of course, we have to get our toes beach ready with sand pedicures. Throw in plenty of music, beach time in our sand pits and cooling off on our water slide; this camp is definitely a vacation!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-9, 7-30, 8-20


What better place than your bedroom to express yourself? In this camp, we’ll pick a color scheme and run with it! We’ll tie-dye pillows, make a fleece throw blanket and create a chalkboard door sign. The big project is a custom organizer built by you to help keep your room neat and tidy. Your bedroom is about the come the coolest room in the house!

Offered 9am - noon weeks of 6-25, 7-16, 8-6



Do you want to become the next star reporter, writer, director or producer? Camp Mirage is broadcasting a daily news magazine show and we need talent! Our counselors will teach you how to research, write, produce, shoot & edit field reports documenting the latest & greatest human interest stories, entertainment & sports highlights at Camp. We love this one. This is a camp that can be taken again and again!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-9, 7-30



This Camp teaches skills to last a lifetime! Learn how to identify basic tools and use them to build the coolest
projects ever attempted at Camp Mirage. We’re taking hammering, sawing, designing and painting. We’ll build ships, cars and planes using complete woodworking kits. Do you like to launch things? We do too! That’s why we’ve included a catapult in this year’s project list.  This is a great one for both boys and girls.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-16, 8-13



Have you attended several camps and are ready for the next level? Or, are you a newbie who wants to jump in head first? Our CM Extreme Campers start each morning by running the camp wide bonfire. Then we break off for a new and extreme adventure each day. We’re talking rock climbing, mud pit Olympics, golf cart drivers ed and a field trip next door to McDonalds. On Thursday, we’ll hone our business skills and make a special canteen treat to make a little spending moolah. Friday is the big day. It’s the very special camp tradition called Color Wars! This is going to be one week of extreme fun!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-2, 7-16, 7-30, 8-13



This camp is the bomb! It’s our camper’s favorite and the counselor’s most requested. And it’s perfect for any age. We’ll start with gaga, the most popular pastime at Camp Mirage. Gaga is a form of dodge ball from Israel and it has a HUGE following here! We’re going to kick it up a notch this year with pickle ball, nuke em, kickball, capture the flag, mini golf, rock climbing, driving range, human fly trap, spider web and much more! This camp rocks year after year!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-9, 7-23, 8-6, 8-20



Imagine the freedom to choose whatever you’d like to do at Camp each day! We’ll have full access to everything on-site. You’ll start the week by hijacking the Directors office and planning out the perfect schedule. Campers will get to choose from over 50 activities to plan their dream week. Maybe we’ll challenge the counselors to a dodge ball match? Maybe we’ll run the bonfire in the morning with some crazy antics? How about hijacking the canteen and taking it over? Think about it...all the gaga, fly trap and driving range you can handle. The sky is the limit in this camp! Consider signing up for more than one week…this one is well loved.

Offered 9am-noon weeks 6-18, 7-2, 7-16, 7-30, 8-13



This camp is offered to kids entering 8th and 9th grade in the Fall. In this popular shadow program, you’ll be paired with a specific counselor to mentor for the week. Maybe you’ll choose to work with our Junior Campers or assist with Nerf. The decision is yours. This year our CIT’s will have more specific responsibilities like leading the morning bonfire and assisting with canteen time. This is where plenty of counselors got their start, so get ready and sign up for more than one week!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 6-25, 7-2, 7-9, 7-16, 7-23, 7-30, 8-6, 8-13, 8-20, 8-27



*This is an all-day camp and runs 9am-4pm. Lunch is included. Calling all daredevils! Yeah, we are talking to you!!! This is the camp you’ve been waiting for. We’ll soar down insane water slides at Splash Village in Frankenmuth. Feel the need for speed? We’ll test out indoor karts for some rad racing. Throw in a trampoline park, high ropes course and rock climbing and this week is going to be amazing! All campers must be at least 54” tall and 8 years old.

Offered 9am-4pm weeks of 6-25, 8-20



Careful, you might get blindsided! All you football fans... are you ready to learn how to throw, catch and punt like a pro? This non-contact camp stresses teamwork, sportsmanship, technique, rules and all the exciting trick plays you see on TV. Skill stations, drills and games will focus on speed, agility, offense and defense.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-9, 7-16



We’re mixing creativity with glitz this summer... and we’ll throw in some pampering to complement our new look! We’ll make lots of jewelry.. a bracelet, ring and necklace. We’ll do accessories and create a glammed-up scarf and purse. One day will be all things Spa! We’ll learn nail art and make homemade lotions, face masks and lip gloss. These projects are customized for all ages and styles. Don’t miss it!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-2, 7-23, 8-13

GOLF 101


Fore! Watch out for the COOLEST golf lessons in town. Campers will learn the fundamentals of grip, stance and posture. Then we’ll focus on the proper use of the three clubs… the driver, putter & wedge and teach different shots that can be used with each club. Rules, proper etiquette & safety will also be addressed. There will be lots of exciting long drive, putting and chipping contests too. Gain the confidence you need to hit the greens! Golf clubs will be available or you can bring your own.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-16, 8-6



Take the next step in moving towards the course. Our Pro will breakdown your actual swing as far as mechanicals and timing. But don’t forget about fun! This camp is full of it! As an extra bonus, we’ll travel to Bushwood Golf Course to play 9-holes. Golf clubs will be available or you can bring your own.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-23, 8-13



Do you have experience playing on a golf course? If so, this camp is for you! First, we’ll spend three days at the driving range at Oasis Golf Center perfecting our swing. We’ll focus on driving, chipping and putting through individual lessons and drills by our Golf Pro. Then it’s off to the course, where we’ll spend two days playing as many holes as we can squeeze in. Golf course rules, regulations & etiquette will also be addressed. **Campers must have completed either Golf 101, Golf Intermediate or taken lessons / camps previously. Campers must bring their own bag of clubs.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-9, 7-30, 8-20



Let us take your adventurous wild child on the road! We’ll hop on our bus in the morning and cram in as much fun as possible before lunch! Every day is going to rock! Bowling, roller blading, trampoline park, laser tag, mini golf and go-karts. Is it naptime yet! This is the perfect way to start the day!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-30, 8-13



Join us on platform 9 ¾ and escape on Hogwarts Express into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. We’ll begin with wand making and sorting into houses. Then the week is divided into 2 parts...classes and challenges between houses. You’ll attend potions class. We’ll teach you how to defend yourself against the dark arts in spells class. And we’ll learn the art of dueling, which is sure to turn into a fierce house competition. Challenges include the tri wizard tournament, daily quidditch matches, transfiguration battle and the sorcerer’s stone challenge. Don’t forget the butterbeer and those nasty jelly beans. We’re doing it all!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-9, 7-30, 8-20



This is one of our best! Whether you’re interested in being in front of the camera or behind the scenes, this camp has something for everyone. We need a director, camera operators, set designers, hair & make-up and of course, the actors. Each camper will have a role in front of and behind the camera to help put together a killer short movie. Mon, Tues and Wed are script development, set design and rehearsal. We shoot on location at Camp on Thurs & Fri. The movie will be posted privately on YouTube to show family and friends. Each week will be a different script so if this camp is for you, consider more than one week.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-16, 8-6, 8-20



Always one of our most popular camps! Our instructors will help improve every part of your game by focusing on shooting, passing & dribbling. We’ll teach offense and defense techniques, ball handling, rules & sportsmanship. Each day consists of fun drills and games like king of the court and lightning. Daily tournaments allow everyone to show off their skills.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-30, 8-20



*This is an all-day camp and runs 9am-4pm. Lunch is included. This is a full week of jam packed awesomeness! Are you ready? Hold on, cause here we go. Bowling, movies, rollerblading, laser tag, mini golf, go-karts, bounce houses, arcades, water parks and swimming pools. Whew! How are we going to fit it all in? Two HUGE adventures a day with lunch as a breather!

Offered 9am-4pm weeks of 7-16, 8-6



This camp is only offered the week of AUGUST 27 Look at it like it’s your last chance at freedom before it’s back to the books! This week, we’re importing the fun. One day will be filled with massive inflatables; obstacle courses, jousting, slides and more. Carnival day will involve a dozen real carnival games, temporary tattoos, cotton candy and balloon launches. We’ll end the week by bringing in a circus company who will teach us trapeze arts, unicycling, magic, stilts & tight wire. We’ll fill in the rest with all kinds of sports, unique art projects & water games. Expect lots of surprises along the way. This isn’t going to be an ordinary week at Camp Mirage. This is going to be The Last Hurrah!

Offered 9am-noon the week of 8/27



The sky is the limit in this building camp! We’ll have dozens of kits and huge bins of Legos at our fingertips! Campers will start with basic engineering and design tips, and the creative juices will flow from there! We’re starting BIG with blueprints to build your Lego dream home. Campers will design and construct Lego air & space crafts. Finally, we’ll build the ultimate Lego race car… then race your fellow campers for the Lego Cup trophy.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-9, 7-23, 8-6, 8-20



This is our HOT camp of the season! We’re taking Minecraft out of the gaming device and bringing it to real life using Lego bricks. Campers will work in groups to survive the unknown world at Camp Mirage. They’ll start on terrains, create buildings and gather resources to survive, plan fighting strategies and execute missions. Every single camper is going to learn something new each day by watching tutorials and being taught by their peers. Parents, Minecraft is a great vehicle to teach team-building and problem solving.

This is going to be a great week! Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-16, 7-30, 8-13



Be amazed! Be awed! Scream! This isn’t the kind of science you get at school. We’re kicking it up a million notches! Each day we’ll do one mind-boggling group experiment and then we’ll buddy up for as many crazy, cool experiments we can cram in. Here are a few to peak your interest… homemade bouncy balls, crystal geodes, lava lamps and invisible ink. We’ll make eggs transparent, blow up balloons with pop rocks and grow our own gummy bears. How about a rotten egg stink bomb, homemade bubble gum, quick sand from scratch and YAK? Be prepared to get your hands and maybe even feet, dirty!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-16, 8-6



Are you ready for the Majors? This camp was created by our counselors and revolves around the 4 major sports leagues… NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. Each day will focus on one specific sport and it will be high energy! We’ll teach the basics, run drills, scrimmages & fast-paced games. This camp is set up tournament style all week. Campers will play 3 on 3 or 4 on 4. Kids, this is our sports pick this year! Parents, this camp will give your kids the confidence they need for try-outs.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-9, 7-16, 8-13



Come hither! Join us as we travel back to the Renaissance period and recreate medieval times! This is a jam-packed week full of epic battles, medieval crafts and lots of live action role play! Jousting, siege kits, candle making are just a few examples of the fun to be had. We’ve even built a Camp Mirage jail for capturing the enemies. We’ll end the week with a huge Mud Show, which will be performed on Friday.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-2, 7-23, 8-13



We’re combining several of our favorite camps to create the ultimate flying experience. You’ll make & launch your own Gnome & Estes model rockets that shoot 200 feet in the air. Have you ever built your own hot air balloon? You will in this camp! We’ll build model airplanes, parachute gliders and more! Campers will use scientific techniques to determine wind patterns and landing positions. A little friendly competition will take place during launches. Warning! Campers… your neck may be a little soar from looking up all week but it will be worth it!

Offered 9am-noon weeks 7-9, 7-30



Calling all trainers! Pokemon… GO!!!! The Pokemon creatures have arrived at Camp and are looking for their people. We’ll provide all the cards for 5 days of awesomeness! We’re talking battles and live action role play, video gaming and more. This was the camp that everyone has been asking for! Parents, Pokemon has something for you too! Your camper will be leave this one with a better understanding of sportsmanship, respect for the game and how to utilize teamwork in an individual game. Campers, you’re allowed to bring your own cards but trading is only permitted with Camp playing cards.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-2, 7-23, 8-6, 8-20



This is live action role playing (LARP) at it’s best! We’ll engage in ninja combat training, recon missions and recover prisoners of war. Daily obstacle courses and ninja antics will keep your head in the game while we “travel” the globe to carry out missions behind enemy lines. There will be a minimum of three structured LARP games daily and we’ll use a point system to keep track of scores. We’ll provide a variety of awesome Nerf equipment. If your child chooses to bring his/her own, Camp Mirage is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-16, 8-6



Yes, it’s one of everyone’s favorites. Yes, this year we’re kicking it up a notch and making it “Ultimate”. We’ll start with Nerf football focusing on skill challenges like loudest whistle from the whistling ball, longest pass & best team play. We’ll play dart tag and capture the flag with a cool Nerf twist. Campers will be challenged on the Nerf frenzy course with target accuracy tests, apocalypse training and more. N-Strike Elites, Vortex, Mavericks & Raiders – we have them all. We’ll round out the week with everyone’s favorite, a massive game of humans vs. zombies. It’s all Nerf. All week long. If your child chooses to bring his/ her own, Camp Mirage is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-9, 7-30, 8-20



The zombie apocalypse is coming in this live action role playing adventure! This camp is one huge Zombie Land battle for survival. We’ll fight gruesome zombies, solve mysteries and protect our camp. As more kids become zombies, the harder it’s going to be to survive! An ongoing story line will continue throughout the week with new missions presented each day. Games include humans vs zombies, target accuracy, apocalypse training, rescue the humans, waves of zombies and more! We will provide a variety of Nerf equipment. If your child chooses to bring his/ her own, Camp Mirage is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-2, 7-23, 8-13



*This is an all-day camp and runs 9am - 4p m. Lunch is included. Kawabunga Dude! Be prepared to soak up the sun and get pruney fingers in this field trip camp. Each day will hold a new wet and wild adventure. On Monday, it’s off to Turtle Cove to check out their killer slides & pools. Tuesday is a visit to Spencer Beach for a relaxing day at the Lake. Wednesday is a visit to Rolling Hills Water park with lots of slides, lazy river and wave pool. Thursday is the big day… a trip to Splash Universe in Dundee. Friday is a visit to a local pool / park for lots of fun in the sun. What a way to spend your summer vacation!

Offered 9am-4pm the week 7-9



This is a high energy camp full of lots of friendly competition! It’s Europe vs the Americas for this Olympics. Our week will start with opening ceremonies. Then campers will battle it out with a mixture of team sports like b-ball, volleyball, field hockey, baseball & lacrosse. Individual countries will earn points playing tennis, golf, archery & triathlon. There will also be intense field games played in our mud pit like three-legged races, toilet seat discus & wheelbarrow races. Closing ceremonies will award prizes for all.

Offered 9am—noon weeks of 6-25, 7-30, 8-6, 8-20



GOOOAALLL! In this camp, you’ll learn all the skills of the world's most popular sport. The week will focus on building technical ability with dribbling, kicking, trapping & throwing. We’ll cover decision making regarding ball movement and offense/defense. Finally, we’ll work on speed and strength. Of course, there will be lots of drills, fun games and matches. At the end the week, each team will pick a country and battle it out in a World Cup 2-day tournament.

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 7-23, 8-13



This fast-paced game is played on your feet. No skates needed! We’ll teach you all the fundamentals of hockey like passing, shooting, stickhandling, goaltending, positional play and scoring. Drills, technique training and daily scrimmages will keep the excitement level high. Don’t miss it!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-18, 7-23



We hear it all the time… I just can’t choose!!! That’s why camps with lots of variety are always the best sellers. This camp will give you a taste of some of the tried and true. One day will be dedicated to all the ol’ faves at CM including rock climbing, slip-n- slide, gaga & nuke em. During our day of “All Sports” we’ll play b-ball, football & soccer. We’ll express ourselves on “Art Day” with creative projects. The next day we’ll put on our best “Game” face and compete in a board game AND electronic showdown complete with HUGE scoreboard and prizes for all! On Friday, campers will use the driving range, putting green, mini-golf and human fly trap to their heart’s content. This is truly a week full of AWESOME!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-9, 7-23, 8-6, 8-20



In this edgy camp, we’ll shoot and record a music video from start to finish. Our video is going to tell a story so the first step will be the script. Next, we’ll choose the perfect song and storyboard the video. Everyone will have a starring role in front of the camera and behind the scenes. At the end of the week, the video will be played for the entire camp and posted privately on YouTube to show family and friends. This camp is going to rock!!!

Offered 9am-noon weeks of 6-25, 7-23, 8-13